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Kiseki Japan is a homegrown skincare brand inspired by natural beauty. We want every men and woman to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. We pick carefully all the ingredients. Then utilized Japan technology to formulate especially for Malaysia humid and hot weather, and we produced it in Japan to ensure the best quality. 

Using Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser is to get a glowing, radiant, and healthy skin that brings out the best in you!

Brand Vision 

Be the first homegrown Malaysian skincare brand to be globally recognized.

Brand Philosophy

Kiseki Japan believes that your DNA does not limit your achievement in life, but everything is within your control and efforts. Appearance plays a big role to present yourself to others and we use Mother Nature’s best ingredients to bring out the best in you.​ We believe that better skin leads to a more confident and successful life. 

The Kiseki Japan Story

' I was a student in Japan and had been struggling from serious skin problems for years due to daily stress and dusty environment. I had consulted many dermatologists, skin professionals and did many skin peeling treatments but unfortunately, the skin problems not only persisted but worsen. My skin became more sensitive due to those unnecessary expensive treatments and I eventually fell into a state of depression.

After going through many experiments on my own skin, I finally realized that face cleansing is the most important step to keep the skin healthy and clean. Out of this journey, I decided to create my own product for sensitive and stressed skin.

After 2 years of R&D in Japan, I launched my own brand,Kiseki Japan and its first product, Marine Fish Collagen Facial Cleanser. '

'Never try never know, believe in us that we could bring more joy and confident into your life'

by Cecil Beh

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