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Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser

is suitable for sensitive and all skin types


 We Solve Tropical Climate Skin Problems,




Kiseki Japan Unique Ingredients : Collagen from Fish Scale, Royal Jelly,

10 Types of Rare Flower and Herb Extracts

Hydrated & Smooth Skin

Ultra fine molecule from marine collagen penetrates the multi-layer pathway to activate and supply sufficient hydration of your skin needs.

Clear Skin & Invisible Pores

Ultra fine molecule from marine collagen removes dirt and excessive oil in pores. Keeps pores unclog and clean.

Forever Young & Bouncy Skin
Radiant & Glowing Skin

A 100% Japan made product blended from marine collagen, royal jelly, herbs & flowers extracts effectively exfoliate your skin.

No more dull and oily skin


Royal jelly enable to keep skin cell young, alive and protected.

No more wrinkle and saggy skin

Foundation of Youth

Marine Fish Collagen

Ultra fine molecules effectively support cells to promote and remain skin elasticity, penetrate into pores, remove dermis and prevent excessive oil.

Fountain of Hydration

Tighten pores for velvety-smooth skin and help makeup stays longer and adheres better. Hydrate and seal within skin for lasting retention.

Foundation of Relaxation

Natural Fragrance Extract

Begin and end the day with luxurious fragrance.

Royal Jelly
Uses Japan technology to extract an intense hydrating facial cleanser formula for your delicate skin.
オウゴン根エキス 黄芩根提取物.jpg
セイヨウオトギリソウ花葉茎エキス 贯叶连翘花叶茎提取物.jpg
トウキンセンカ花エキス 金盏花花提取物.jpeg
ヤグルマギク花エキス 矢车菊花提取物.jpg
フユボダイジュ花エキス 欧洲椴花提取物.jpg
ヨモギ葉エキス 魁蒿(ARTEMISIA PRINCEPS)叶提取物.jpeg
マグワ根皮エキス 桑(MORUS ALBA)根提取物.jpg
ローマカミツレ花エキス 白花春黄菊花提取物.jpeg

Why Kiseki Japan?

Only Uses the Best Ingredients for Your Skin


Our fish collagen is sourced from a prestige brand in Japan. It is water soluble collagen peptides derived from hydrolyzation of fish scale which is the finest and most suitable for skin absorption. It is low odor and color, at the time it has great moisturizing efficiency by containing proline and hydroxyproline. 

Suitable for Tropical Country Skin Type


Our unique ingredient of ultra fine molecules forms a very fine foam to penetrate better into the skin, effectively removing dirt deep within the pores. At the same time, royal jelly hydrates and protects your skin.

Tested in Japan Laboratory


Our ingredients quality control, product research & development and production process are 100% done in Japan manufacturing plant. It is a registered product in Japan and also certified by Malaysia Ministry of Health.

✔ No Paraben and Preservative

✔ No Colouring

✔ Only Natural Ingredient such as Fish Scale Collagen and Plants extracts

✔ 100% Made in Japan

Pamper and Wash Your Face with the Finest Foam 

Marine fish collagen is the finest collagen for skincare. Gently takes away dirt from pores and leaving it hydrated.

1 min of washing makes a difference on your skin.

How to Use

Use Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial cleanser foam to wash gently and smiling while cleansing produces better effect.


Tap dry with a clean towel


Apply sufficient hydration skin care to allow your skin to absorb more

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Step 3.

Step 2.

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